Why Do I Need a Proofreader?


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Your business is built on written words.

First impressions of your business are made when you submit the initial required documents to regulatory agencies and potential customers or vendors. Employees depend on you to provide clear and accurate manufacturing instructions. All your written procedures that drive your business, from your Quality Policy to the forms executed during manufacturing, must be aligned.

Sure, Subject Matter Experts review each document, but they are reviewing for their respective areas of expertise. Technical Services reviews to ensure the manufacturing steps are correct. Marketing reviews to make sure the logos are consistent. Quality Assurance reviews for compliance to internal and external requirements. All those reviews are critical, but so is proofreading to make sure the spelling, grammatical, and formatting details are correct – and we all know proofreading can be difficult when you’ve already read the document with attention to other critical details.

Let us help to ensure the image you portray with your documents accurately represents your company’s commitment to quality.