• Why should we hire a proofreader?

    Subject matter experts are the best when it comes to reviewing documents based on their area of expertise, but not everybody can– or should– review for the final document for the finer details like punctuation. Your team should be highly focused on the writing, editing, and content accuracy of the documents, and being that close to the writing can make it hard for anybody to see what’s actually written instead of what is supposed to be there. That’s why it’s best to have a pair of fresh eyes review the final revision prior to approval.

  • What costs are associated with document errors?

    Rerouting of documents for updates can cost you time and money, extend the queue of backlogged documents, and cause a whole lot of frustration for the team. Incorrect labels can cause product recalls. Unfortunate typographical errors can cause errors in manufacturing, validations, or reflect poorly on your company’s image. It can be difficult for us to quantify the bottom-line cost to your company associated with these errors, but you’ll feel the impact when documents route with fewer required revisions.

  • What platforms do you use for review?

    Working with Word documents is preferable to present you with a final copy and a copy with tracked changes, but we can also work with through iAnnotate for pdfs or with Google Docs. Although we can share information through email or Dropbox, we have a lot of experience with many different eQMS systems and can easily be added to your review or approval workflow if that’s appropriate.

  • Why the special emphasis on pharma and medical device companies?

    Our background is in cGMP companies in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, but that doesn’t mean that we only work with those companies. It does mean, though, that we understand the need for capturing all changes and associated reasons, how to review (and common errors in) technical, manufacturing, and marketing documents, and that we’re confident we can easily be added to your document workflow structure.

  • Sounds like a proofreader would be great! What are the next steps?

    The first thing we’ll do is set up some time to discuss the project to make sure we’re a good fit. We’ll agree on all the details — including the project plan and scope, review method, services required, timelines, and payment terms — before moving forward. Once we sign off on the project plan and any required NDAs, we’ll get to work making sure your documents are professionally polished. At the end of the project, all documents will be sent to your company and erased from our files.